Learning made fun and easy

Companies, networks and any community user need to learn new stuff to prosper.  The DigiUnity learning software help you reach your community goals for training.

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Learn, share and collaborate

The DigiUnity learning module makes user learning, sharing and
collaboration thrive, grow and prosper across your community.

Availability is essential

The DigiUnity mobile app provides users the opportunity to learn, share and collaborate at
whenever and from wherever they like.

An intuitive and fun solution for online learning and sharing

Learning motivation, sharing culture and job achivement goes hand in hand.

Learning with DigiUnity is provided through courses of highly digestable micro lessons. Relevant training combined with an intiutive tool pulls the user through the learning curve in a way that is engaging and fun.

Creating great e-learning content is easy

Everyone can quickly learn to build content in the very user-friendly platform.

You can easily build courses combining your own content with text, files, images and own videos, or by adding external content from sources like Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud or Spotify or by adding shared courses already created in other DigiUnity communities.

Goes beyond compliance and formal training,  empowering everyone to contribute

Jobs and requiremens are changing faster than ever. Empower your collegues, partners and customers to learn and develop new skills quickly, and self be contributing to the learning.